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Tomorrow has arrived. All around the world, the way we think, the way we communicate, and the way we do business, has become faster and far more efficient than ever before. Ideas and talents are crossing borders to be shared on an international level. It is a process that benefits us all, and must therefore be allowed to flow with little to no interruption. We are BHLG, and we have successfully streamlined the process of global immigration law.


At BHLG, we are committed to putting the world to work.  We offer enhanced, personal service to satisfy our clients’ business immigration needs, and provide expert individualized council no matter how complex the case. Blending years of experience with sophisticated technology, our team of highly skilled attorneys and professionals cover every important step and detail to keep our clients in compliance. And we do so at a pace that can only be accomplished by the very best in immigration law.


Unlike other law firms that divide their focus among various practices, BHLG is known as a specialized operation. Conditions in the immigration field differ on a case-by-case, country-to-country basis. These conditions demand an expert approach in order to be dealt with efficiently. In recognizing this, we have over the years built a cutting-edge, internationally progressive, and fully integrated immigration platform; developed to deliver superior, state-of-the-art services and sound legal advice to companies all over the world. We concentrate our efforts in providing comprehensive U.S. and Canadian immigration services, and extending our reach to offer international immigration law guidance and facility throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Around the world, our projects are expertly managed from start-to-end, and our attorneys are always available to answer all questions and address all concerns.


Personal service and availability are critical components of our philosophy. The immigration process can seem overwhelming, riddled with conflicting protocols, various visa requirements, changing time-zones, and daunting paperwork. Our job is to harness these complex situations, and downsize them to a level that is manageable and understandable from a client’s perspective.  As a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in hi-volume immigration practices, we know what keeps our clients up at night. No matter the case, a BHLG attorney is committed to being present and available at every step of the immigration process, ready to answer all inquiries and assist at all times. Rather than suffering a lack of responsiveness or having to settle with the “paralegal du jour,” our clients receive white-glove service and benefit from tangible results.


We’ve taken the time to save you the time, removing wasteful practices and so-called “resources” to focus on our clients’ individual and business needs. This innovative, lean approach and concise platform has successfully remapped and optimized the immigration process. We work quickly and efficiently, relying on Six-Sigma processes, lean methodologies, and sophisticated technology. Our proven system almost completely eliminates clerical errors, allowing us more time to connect with our clients, and enabling us to offer comprehensive and permanent flat-fee schedules for all immigration projects (with the exception of regulatory or policy changes from governments ), providing our client with total predictability on legal costs. BHLG was founded on a commitment to excellence and a desire to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our cutting-edge, lean procedures were meticulously designed to make it all possible.


We use award-winning software to generate and transform legal documents, thereby eliminating hours of proofing and bidding farewell to the old cut-and-paste approach. This efficient procedure yields quality results and saves our clients both time and money. Furthermore, we offer complimentary access to some of the most advanced immigration case management tools in the industry. Our clients are equipped with a secure, password protected, immigration case management system that offers 24/7 web portal access to human resources departments, in-house legal and immigration groups, hiring management teams, and individual employees with open immigration matters. Our clients have the ability to easily generate, store, rerun, and export a wide range of customized, detailed reports; providing them with employee case expirations, max-out dates, and real-time progress statuses. Affording our clients control over the otherwise frustrating task of managing a large docket of cases provides them with peace of mind, and thus works in concert with our simplistic approach.

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