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Jean-Noël Ben Hamou

Jean-Noël Ben Hamou is a licensed Canadian attorney whose multinational firm places an emphasis on U.S., Canadian, and foreign immigration law issues. Known amongst his colleagues as a novel and contemporary thinker, he has worked to transform what has over the years become an outdated modus to immigration law.

Jean-Noel is a native French speaker, and is also fluent in both English and Spanish at advanced levels. In the year 2000, he began practicing global and immigration law, initially working with a prominent firm in Montreal. Prior to joining a large multi-practice firm in the U.S. where he chaired the Global Mobility practice, Jean-Noel lent his foreign managerial skills and global expertise to two renowned U.S. law firms, solely leading their Canadian immigration practices.

Supporting the securitization of temporary and permanent status’ for corporate employees throughout Canada, the U.S., and other foreign countries; Jean-Noel has unremittingly employed his broad knowledge, perspective, and insight to the streamlined system in which global immigration law should work.

By combining his comprehensive immigration experience with his extensive business background, Jean-Noel applies a fresh, creative methodology to the direction and governance of high-volume immigration matters. His successful streamlining of the immigration process is referred to as the “lean” approach, and focuses on simplification in order to yield a less complex, more efficient case management system. Jean-Noel enforces lean procedures to efficiently manage all inbound and outbound immigration matters.

Jean-Noel has made a triumphant return to first principles with his modern, personalized delivery of client legal services. His lean methodology continues to be proven unmatched, unsurpassed, and unparalleled.

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