Global Immigration Solutions



At BHLG, we excel in expediting employee mobility and flexibility within the United States and Canada, and extend our immigration services across the globe. Every day, we coordinate and communicate with multiple offices and government agencies worldwide to meticulously handle and manage the most complex immigration matters on your behalf.

When businesses connect with BHLG, they are automatically tapped into an exclusive international network of preferred, seasoned, legal providers. Whether locally or internationally, our clients benefit from the convenience of having one, full-service source to carry-out all their immigration needs.

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To bring synergy to our clients, the core team at BHLG has spent two decades vetting numerous attorneys in each jurisdiction to make certain they understand our lean procedures, and meet our requirements for expertise and responsiveness. The result is a worldwide team of dedicated legal professionals who are considered the best in their field, and who all share in the same process-driven, lean platform that has successfully optimized the legal immigration practice as we know it. This is why companies around the world rely on the BHLG methodology as the quickest, most efficient way of managing all inbound and outbound immigration matters, including:

  • Assisting with hiring foreign workers on a temporary and full-time basis
  • Counseling employees and new hires on limited and extended immigration issues
  • Securing entry visas and employment authorizations Handling all inadmissibility issues based on health-related and security grounds
  • Administering all local filings and extensions with government agencies
  • Assuring travel and entry clearances
  • Establishing temporary and permanent residential statuses
  • Securing employment and family-based permanent statuses
  • Attaining citizenship and advising on citizenship related issues
  • Corresponding with government agencies and consulates worldwide
  • Correlating derivative family authorizations and related filings with government agencies
  • Coordinating post-arrival residency requirements and related filings with local government agencies


Several decades of combined immigration law practice with the largest firms in North America and the world has provided us with a genuine understanding of client concerns and business needs. As a result, we offer our professional legal immigration services with a personalized approach. Our clients remain confident that our expert legal staff is truly always available to them, ready to assist with all immigration matters and inquiries.



The BHLG lean approach is the most efficient in immigration law, and is also reflected in our pricing policies. By developing an effective single-process immigration method, we are in the position to offer a resonant flat-fee schedule for all immigration projects, providing total predictability and assuring fee schedules that will remain in effect permanently (with the exception of regulatory or policy changes from governments). Our centralized, fully integrated management platform also results in a single-source billing solution. Rather than receiving multiple invoices from numerous third parties around the world for various immigration related services, we combine all immigration matters into one, simple billing process.