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Welcome to the Future of
Global Immigration Law

Tomorrow has arrived. All around the world, the way we think, the way we communicate, and the way we do business, has become faster and far more efficient than ever before. Ideas and talents are crossing borders to be shared on an international level. It is a process that benefits us all, and must therefore be allowed to flow with little to no interruption.
We are Ben Hamou Benchetrit Law Group LLC (BHLG), and we have successfully streamlined the process of global immigration law.


At BHLG, we are committed to putting the world to work. We offer enhanced, personal service to satisfy our clients’ business immigration needs, and provide expert individualized council no matter how complex the case. Blending years of experience with sophisticated technology, our team of highly skilled attorneys and professionals cover every important step and detail to keep our clients in compliance. And we do so at a pace that can only be accomplished by the very best in immigration law.


Unlike other law firms that divide their focus among various practices, BHLG is known as a specialized operation. Conditions in the immigration field differ on a case-by-case, country-to-country basis. These conditions demand an expert approach in order to be dealt with efficiently. In recognizing this, we have over the years built a cutting-edge, internationally progressive, and fully integrated immigration platform; developed to deliver superior, state-of-the-art services and sound legal advice to companies all 

over the world. We concentrate our efforts in providing comprehensive U.S. and Canadian immigration services, and extending our reach to offer international immigration law guidance and facility throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Around the world, our projects are expertly managed from start-to-end, and our attorneys are always available to answer all questions and address all concerns.