Helping Employers with
Business Immigration Needs

BHLG serves employers who need to leverage an international talent pool of skilled professionals, executives,
and short-term workers. Our focus is on helping traditionally undeserved small and mid-sized companies by
providing expert business immigration solutions.

A Sampling of the
Sectors We Serve

Commercial Construction
How We Help…

Established Companies with Existing Labor Needs…

We work to optimize business immigration, taking the burden off HR and in-house legal teams and streamlining the process from end-to-end. We provide highly responsive service that sets a new standard for what to expect from your immigration services provider

Startups with Emerging Labor Needs…

We work to support rapid growth as you find the right people to scale your team. Putting smart immigration programs in place from the outset makes a massive difference in talent acquisition potential for startups.

Organizations with Seasonal or One-Time Labor Needs…

Managing immigration compliance for high-volume short-term labor is a common challenge. We streamline this process for the hospitality sector as well as handling one-time labor needs at any scale in other sectors.

Our Key Collaboration Partners
Human Resources    |     General Counsel     |     C-Suite and Leadership

We work directly with HR, in-house counsel, and business leaders to accomplish their corporate immigration objectives. Our clients:

  • Enjoy a quick and easy visa application and immigration management process
  • Hand the workload off to BHLG and know it will get done
  • Have experienced immigration attorneys providing personal service, insight, and strategy
  • Get questions answered promptly by trusted, expert professionals
  • Are assured of compliance with constantly changing immigration laws
  • Gain visibility into the status of all applications and how the process works
  • Easily keep foreign national employees and management in the loop and allay concerns
  • Budget effectively with predictable, transparent, affordable billing
  • Avoid the complexity of dealing with multiple providers in different regions
  • Make decisions and move forward with business plans and operations faster