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Corporate Immigration

BHLG provides immigration law solutions—with a difference.
Here are the top five areas where our clients say we stand out:
Expert Support
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BHLG is a Premier Provider of
Business Immigration Expertise
The complex landscape of global business immigration requires deep knowledge. BHLG’s team of elite attorneys and professionals have decades of experience in this area of practice. We help our clients successfully navigate the intricacies of immigration law to avoid obstacles and ensure compliance.

Personal Service

BHLG Consistently Delivers Responsive Service at Every Level
The immigration process is complicated and time sensitive. Having ready access to trusted counsel is essential. Clients who work with us know they will get sound advice and prompt answers directly from our attorneys. We are committed to providing highly responsive service to each of our clients—even when that means coordinating across multiple time zones.
Comprehensive Solutions
We Can Help Move Employees from Anywhere to Anywhere
We assist clients with the full range of legal services around global workforce mobility including immigrant and non-immigrant work visas, citizenship, residence, compliance, and more. Our team of carefully vetted collaborators gives us the ability to assist clients in over 170 countries. Even companies with needs spanning multiple regions can rely on BHLG as a single point of contact rather than working with a dozen different legal providers.

Modern Technology

Our Technology Platform Streamlines and Accelerates the Process

We leverage the full capabilities of digital technology to make the immigration application process exceptionally rapid and efficient. Our digital approach creates streamlined workflows for our global team and improves visibility and status tracking for our clients. By avoiding errors and other common obstacles that might derail the immigration process, our clients get the right people on the job faster with less business disruption.

Straightforward Pricing: Transparent pricing and single source billing make it simple for businesses to predict and manage their budget for immigration services.

Strategic Insight

BHLG Helps Businesses Reach
Their Goals Faster
For companies preparing to grow and scale, having access to the right talent at the right time is vital. A well-designed immigration program simplifies and streamlines this process. With global expertise and offices in both the U.S. and Canada, we help our clients develop global workforce mobility strategies that support their organizational goals.

Future-Ready: Due to our experience in Canada where electronic filing is the norm, we are prepared for the advent of e-filing for U.S. visa applications.